The Rosenquist Family

Family Listing:

  • Rosenquist, Erich Swensson
  • Rosenquist, Johanna Eva Hulda (nee Ruccius)
    • Steiner, Erica Wilhelmine (nee Swensson-Rosenquist)
    • Steiner, Ernest

    • Swensson-Rosenquist, Walter Martin Carl
    • Rosenquist, Adeline (nee Taube)

    • Leflar, Johanna Marie (nee Swensson-Rosenquist)
    • Leflar, Dale

    • Swensson-Rosenquist, Gerhard Eric (Gerry)
    • Rosenquist, Lois Maxine (nee Hennig)

    • Swensson-Rosenquist, Carl Frederick
    • Rosenquist, Yvonne (Bonnie - nee Brunelle)

Rosenquist, Erich Swensson

Erich Swensson-Rosenquist was born October 19, 1903 and died January 22, 1995. He came to Winnipeg Canada in 1926 from Viersen Germany and served as a Lutheran minister for most of his life. His ancestry is shown below.

  • Johanna Buschaus (born July 22, 1878, Germany)
  • Karl August Ludwig Swensson-Rosenquist (born March 14, 1877, Viersen Germany)
    • Anna Barbara Schoeffel (born October 9, 1849)
    • Mäns (A.K.A. Herman) Svensson (born February 2, 1844)
      • Surname changed to Swensson-Rosenquist sometime between 1862 and 1865 while Herman was in the Swedish merchant marine based in Karlskrona Sweden. Apparently there were too many people with the surname Svensson in Sweden (imagine that) and some were asked to take on another name.
        • Elin Mansdotter
        • Sven Jacobsen